It provides opportunity to drink water at any temperature you wish with it feature enabling hot-cold water temperatures to be adjusted.

It ensures that many of your foods and drinks remain fresh for a long time thanks to the refrigerator feature in the lower part.

Comfortable and easy access of children is prevented with upper part being designed with a lid.

17 LX Water Dispenser

Our Dijitsu 17 LX Water Dispenser is designed for the use in fixed kitchens and luxury offices with its elegant design.



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  Brand : Dijitsu
Model : 17 LX
Origin : P.R.C.
Weight : 18 Kg
Power : 230 V 50 / 60
Energy Consumption : Soğuk 50 W Sıcak 400 W
Min. Cooling Temperature : +4
Max.Heating Temperature : +85
Cold Tank Capacity : 1,7 L
Hot Tank Capacity : 1 L
Cooling System : R134 A Kompresör
Dimension : 350 x 350 x 1050 mm
Colour : İnux
Documents : Ce, TSE
Hot and cool systems can be operated together or separately depending on requirement.
Piercing tip is sharp. This enables carboy to be attached easily.
Boiler used in the water dispenser is made of stainless steel. Materials not causing odour are used in the pipes leading to the taps.

The gas (R134A) used inside the compressor of the water dispenser is not harmful for environment. It operates very quietly.
Automatic circuit breaker protects your machine from burning by turning off the machine in the event of no water remaining in it.

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